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Caxy Founder Michael LaVista to speak at PMG Innovation Summit

Caxy founder Michael LaVista will be speaking at the PMG Innovation Summit on April 21st, 2009.  Wondering what interactivism is? Are you an interactivist? There’s a site about it just for you. What will Michael be talking about, anyway? Gald you asked:

This is Michael LaVista, your Technology Squad Leader, and I have some good news: interactive marketing isn’t that complicated. It’s true! Web technology isn’t as wild as it once was—you could say that the universe has at last settled into a system of interconnected tools and parts.

By that, I mean that marketers shouldn’t let apprehension about technology prevent them from big plans. So much more is possible and affordable now than it ever has been, and it’s all just waiting to be tapped.

My section of the day will focus on teaching you how web tools like data base management and e-commerce can be integrated into your system in the most headache-free, cost-effective manners, and you’ll also learn the basics about website hosting.