It’s not uncommon for every idea a consultant gives you to also cost you money. Talking to Tim Van Meighan about ways to improve your operations and EBITDA, we came up with 10 things you can do right now that can be accomplished with the people and systems you already have.

Mike LaVista and Tim Van Mieghem talk about this in depth on the podcast. The list is below. 

  1. Line side metrics.  Set a goal for each hour of each shift and track it.
  2. Measure and set benchmarks for safety, quality, delivery, cost, morale
  3. Identify one area that your company performs below competitors.
  4. Define your core values. 
  5. Review your spend by Category.
  6. Overhead analysis
  7. Excess Inventory
  8. Pressure test your supply chain.
  10. Analyze your Customers and your SKUs and Service lines.

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