At Caxy, UX is at the center of everything we do. We are constantly searching the web for the latest and greatest sites to gather inspiration from. Here are our top 10 favorite UX pattern sites right now.

1- Codrops

Codrops aims to provide web developers and designers with useful tutorials, helpful articles, and free resources for the creative mind. The codrops newsletter is the finest of it’s kind.

2. UX Archive

UK Archive allows you, the user, to compare the most popular iPhone app user flows. By choosing your intended task on the homepage, the UX archive will present the most relevant user flows for the specific feature chosen. Example flows on the site range from onboarding with Instagram to exploring with Google Maps.

3. Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap is a collection of designs, patterns, and inspirations of user interaction, found and shared by its 25,000 registered users. Search through the “tags’ on the site to pick a specific category and prepare to get a crash course of web design techniques.

4. Mobile Patterns

Containing one of the simplest and to-the-point interfaces, Mobile Patterns is a curated library of iPhone and Android patterns. Perfect for exploring UX for a new app or checkout design ideas for your mobile site.

5. Little Big Details

Little Big Details is a blog collection of the finer details of design. The site is updated daily with new content submissions from users containing anything from design easter eggs to UX tricks.

6. Call To Idea

Call To Idea presents design elements including layouts , components (sliders, galleries, themes), and utilities (logos and textures) for the users inspiration. All you have to do is select the element icon of your choice on the homepage to be brought into the interactive archive  that consistently updates itself with the newest design content on the site.

7. UI Parade

UI Parade is an online catalog of inspiration for UI designers, containing tools, resources, and many kinds of interface design.

8. Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function is a collection of interactive experiences, with each experience having its own unique design and functionality. Choose a category from the spinning wheel navigation and be prepare to be inspired.

9. Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration is a collage-based site that presents designs in image form which are clickable, savable, and even linked to the site they came from.

10. One Page Love

One Page Love showcases only “One-Page” websites for your browsing pleasure. This can include sites with parallax design or one main landing page. Browse template ideas and gallery categories featuring every kind of one page site you can imagine.

Have a UX tip you’d like to share? Feel free to share below in the comments or with us on Twitter @Caxy.

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