Agile Methodology is the core of Caxy’s development process. We live and breathe it, and this Valentine’s Day, we are spreading the love.

As a symbol for our love for Agile, we have declared today Agiletine’s Day: a day long celebration of our love for the process. In Ben’s recent blog post, he outlines his tips for agile implementation for business. Ben describes how the Agile process works, and why we believe so strongly in agility. I am a Project Manager here at Caxy, here are some of the reason’s I love Agile.

The team commits to a set of client deliverables every two weeks.

Agile Development takes the guesswork out of delivery expectations. Clients know when expect deliveries. As a project manager, ensuring that the client is always in the loop on when things are happening is core to my role. Agile helps to make sure I can do the best job possible for my clients.

Morning stand ups allow the team to discuss what is going on in their area of the project work, and also provide a time to discuss if anyone is blocked on finishing work. Knowing this the day it happens allows the project manager to set the client’s expectations as soon as we have the information. Expectations are always aligned without delays.

We are constantly improving as a team.

Through Agile rituals like retrospectives, the team can take the time to talk about what went well, what could have gone better, and what we should keep doing going forward. We walk away with action items to take into our next sprint. Over time, team work get's stronger. The client experience is also constantly improving. As you work with clients over time, knowing preferred ways of communicating or getting updates helps the project, the team, and the client to receive the best product possible.

What do you love about the Agile process? Leave a comment (or Agiletine) below to share with us. Happy Agiletine’s Day!

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