Just in time for Drupal Midcamp, the team at Caxy rolled out our new website.

Our main goals for the site were to offer a clean, organized experience for users, as well as a refreshed look for our brand overall. We’ve also moved the site to Drupal 8, so it uses the latest version of the Drupal product our clients love.

Highlights from our new site include:

“The new website really captured our brand personality well and has a different point of view than most. Our services are interwoven with projects about them, as well as blog posts and content we are writing. It really speaks to the agile continuum we like to show through in all of our work,” CEO Mike LaVista said. “Being in this field, it’s really hard to explain to people what we do. Integrating everything on our website started to crystallize and create a narrative for people to understand us better.”

Looking ahead, we are hoping to add more case studies and client content to our website during Quarter 2. Thanks to all on the Caxy team that helped contribute to this next era of the Caxy brand!

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