One of the easiest mistakes in creating landing pages is to create them and then not give search engines a way to link to them. For example, here are the landing pages we're using on this site:

  • Drupal page for potential clients looking for help with Drupal projects. We're Acquia partners, too.
  • A Symfony page for potential clients looking for Symfony web development. Symfony is the leading framework for PHP-based web and database applications.
  • Chicago-based page for local clients looking for design or user experience help. We love all cities, but there's always an advantage to be able to drive or cab over instead of getting on a plane.
  • Another Chicago-based page, but for development. Same idea, but development focused.

See what we did there? This is a post about posting about landing pages.

Take a look at the pages on your own site to see if some are worth spinning off as separate landing pages. Imagine what the experience would be like for a new user who visits this page first on your site.

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