Here at Caxy, we've developed a good reputation as a JavaScript development company over the course of almost 20 years. But we are sometimes still surprised by how much the use of this scripting language with frameworks and development platforms has evolved in the past few years.

Indeed, JavaScript has transformed from a handy tool to make static websites a bit more interactive into code that powers the front ends and back ends of countless digital applications that millions of people use each day. Like many other organizations, you can transform your digital business through Node.js — a JavaScript development framework that's rapidly increasing in power and popularity.

A Quick Guide to Node.js Basics

Node.js provides a development framework and runtime environment for websites and apps. The developers created Node.js from Google's Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine. Because platforms like Node.js can make prototyping, web development and end products more efficient and effective, this framework already powers over half a million online assets with more added daily.

These are some highlights that illustrate the popularity of Node.js and JavaScript development:

  • Some examples of well-known sites that use this JavaScript framework include, and
  • In addition, big brands such as LinkedIn, PayPal, Microsoft, Yahoo, Netflix and IBM employ Node.js to run the back end of their sites and apps.
  • Our JavaScript applications have included mobile apps that work with Django and REST API, social networking sites, and manufacturing deployment and management applications.

Benefits of Employing Node.js

Some highlights of using Node.js include:

  • Rapid development, delivery and installation
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Reliable, rapid performance
  • Coupling of the front end and back end
  • Comparability with many open-source modules or plugins
  • Affordable to host and easy to scale
  • Able to develop front end and back end in the same language

As an example of the benefits of Node.js, PayPal first employed a JavaScript front end and Java back end. They decided to develop a prototype with two teams. One team employed the same Java and JavaScript combination with five developers. The other team employed only two developers to create the same prototype in Node.js. After the Node.js team of two people caught up with the other team of five people, PayPal decided to continue development only in Node.js.

Work With Us on Your Next Node.js or JavaScript Project

We often suggest Node.js for clients needing to develop real-time apps that include push functionality and for service-side applications. We also develop all kinds of digital applications with JavaScript frameworks including ReactJS, AngularJS and other JavaScript platforms. Because of our familiarity with these tools, we can analyze your goals and current assets to suggest the best solutions for your unique requirements.

Get in touch today to tell us more about your vision for your business, and we'll share how we can help.

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