At Caxy, we strive to deliver user-focused designs for our clients and their users. Offering people a great user experience (UX) keeps them engaged longer with apps and websites, so both users and organizations have a better chance to benefit from their digital investments. At the same time, failing to pay attention to UX can doom almost any digital project.

The Basics of UX Design

UX design simply refers to designing the user's experience as he or she uses a product. You've probably heard user interface (UI) design and UX design used together or, in some cases, interchangeably. More precisely, UI refers to various features included in the interface with which a user sees and works. For instance, the UI for a mobile app or website will probably include such features as buttons, links and text.

In contrast, the UX refers to everything that will factor into the total user experience. Certainly, UI can affect UX. At the same time, such other elements as accessibility, performance and how well the product integrates with the company's other assets can impact UX.

While we design digital apps and websites, some factors that could influence UX could even occur offline. For instance, customers might order a product with a mobile app but pick it up at a store. At the end of the project, users have to enjoy a seamless experience, so they will want to keep returning.

The Caxy Approach to UX Design

We satisfy our clients by employing Agile methodologies for design and development. We include clients in the process by learning about their requirements and users first. After that, we offer our clients an iterative series of mockups and prototypes that they can see, work with, modify and approve before we move onto the next step. During each stage, we want to make sure that both we and our clients understand exactly how end users will see and interact with the final product.

Examples of the tools we will deploy to create our designs and communicate with clients during the design process include mood boards, wireframing, content strategy and graphics. Many UX designers start the process with graphics, but we usually save this step until we have made certain that customers are satisfied that our design offers the experience and information needed to achieve their business goals.

Let's Deliver Better UX Together

Our team is eager to hear about your ideas or problems with your current system's UX. We will explain how we can help you deliver an improved UX, so connect with us today to get started. 

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