You may be perfect for this role if you have...

  • A passion for agile development practices, open source values, and beautiful code.

  • A thirst for the “next big thing” and are a self-proclaimed problem-solving ninja.

  • A desire for continual learning and professional growth.

  • A passion for pair-programming and an interest in working as part of a cross-functional team.

  • An ability to communicate effectively with people that have varying levels of experience with IT or web application development.

  • An active participant in relevant communities and support networks.


Our Full Stack Developers exhibit these competences...

  • Proficient to expert in object-oriented PHP - 3+ years experience desired.
    extensive experience building complex Java applications with interest in PHP can translate

  • Expert in CSS and HTML - 3+ years experience desired.

  • Proficient to expert in MySQL, MSSQL, or NoSQL - 3+ years experience desired.

  • Proficient to expert in Javascript - 3+ years experience desired.

  • Proficient to expert in responsive web development.

  • Competent at working in advanced Javascript frameworks like React, Angular, NodeJS.

  • Competent at asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX.

  • Competent working with FE build tools and CSS preprocessors (Gulp, Webpack, Grunt, SASS, LESS).

  • Novice to Competent - familiarity with popular CMS (Drupal or Wordpress).

  • Nice to have - familiarity with JavaScript unit testing frameworks (Jasmine, Karma, etc.).

  • Nice to have - familiarity with popular CMS (Drupal, Wordpress, etc…).

  • Nice to have - familiarity with usability / accessibility standards.

  • Nice to have - at working with version control workflows (Git, SVN, etc…).


Responsibilities for a Full Stack Developer include...

  • Building custom, often innovative sites, applications, and services for web and mobile in accordance with established success criteria.

  • Providing support for, and maintain existing client applications and websites.

  • Creating high quality, well designed, efficient and testable code in accordance with current industry standards and company best practice guidelines.

  • Upholding company established code testing, review, and QA procedures and best practices.

  • Gathering specifications and product requirements with the support of a PM/Product Owner.

  • Creating and maintaining comprehensive product documentation for client deliverables.

  • Contributing to estimation, technology considerations, architecture and product planning exercises for client deliverables.

  • Monitoring website performance with special focus on site usability - identify ways to resolve inefficiencies and optimize application for speed and scalability.

  • Other tasks and responsibilities as requested.


We do have a few requirements...

  • Direct experience building complex and highly interactive sites or applications.

  • Direct experience building decoupled applications.

  • Direct experience working with APIs.

  • Available to work onsite at our Caxy office during regular business hours (9AM - 5:30PM).

  • Available to work onsite at the Caxy offices during our regular business hours.
    Remote applicants are considered on a case by case basis

  • Able to work within a team environment as well as independently.

  • Able to establish and be held accountable for reasonable delivery expectations.

  • Able to manage time effectively, provide reasonable estimates, and identify opportunities to maximize efficiency.


We’re on a mission to improve the digital world...

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been the firepower that clients trust to revolutionize their markets. We’re open-source specialists and firm believers in an iterative approach to software development (#AgileLife). We are a team of talented developers who work in cross-functional teams with seasoned Product Managers, UX architects, and digital designers. We believe in the importance of our company culture and value the contributions and unique perspectives of each team member.

We are inspired thinkers and dreamers committed to delivering value with every interaction and output. We combine thoughtful user experience, effective communication, engaging design, quality execution, and strong coffee… to create products that our clients and their end-users love. We’re on a mission to create digital experiences that tie brand experiences together, and we hope you’ll join us.

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