Driven by user-centered design, our Principal Developer is a Senior Developer position that directly contributes to the building of products. This person pairs a variety of open-source programming languages with disciplined industry standards to implement and oversee engaging and responsive experiences for our clients and their end-users. This role is an active member of our Solution Architecture Discovery projects.

We strive to be on the frontlines, mastering the latest trends in technology. We’re leveraging Python for Machine Learning. We’ve embraced the best javascript can offer with NodeJS and React as well as the LAMP Stack. We have strong competence with OOP/MVC frameworks. We stretch GraphQL and Gatsby to the limits, actively consider security, performance, privacy, and scalability. Though these are our primary tech stacks, we don’t back away from a challenge because of a programming language. We are problem solvers first, and coders second. Tech changes quickly - we do, too. If that sounds like you, then you might just be perfect for this position.

You may be perfect for this role if you have...

  • Robust experience as a primary developer  for medium to large-scale, full-stack software applications -- owning full features, epics, or large-impact deliverables.

  • A passion for agile development practices, open source values, and beautiful code.

  • A thirst for the “next big thing” and are a self-proclaimed problem-solver.

  • A desire for continual learning and professional growth including but not limited to providing and engaging in training, mentorship, and group learning initiatives.

  • A passion for pair-programming and an interest in working as part of a cross-functional team.

  • An ability to communicate effectively with people that have varying levels of experience with IT or web application development.

  • A desire to build leadership skills and foster an environment that builds high-efficiency, high-performing teams. 

  • An active participant in relevant communities and support networks.

You exhibit these key competences: 

  • EXPERT ORGANIZER - Handle a number of important requests from different projects at a time. This could mean a lot of task switching, ramping up quickly on complex products, and managing time effectively to ensure both you and your team meet delivery deadlines. People that come from a fast-paced, agency setting tend to have the right skills for this. 

  • EXPERT IN ACCOUNTABILITY - You fully understand your job is that the team is successful in meeting key deliverables in a healthy, sustainable way. You accept full accountability without question for a job not done or incomplete and you actively work to make improvements in your own performance each day. As a member of the senior staff, you help set the bar for accountability in the organization. 

  • EXPERT DEBUGGING + TROUBLESHOOTING - You may or may not have experience with the products we’ve built or taken over, but you are a master coder and problem solver. You are able to retrace steps and document how a person could follow those steps. You understand how to trace errors, track down bugs, and are comfortable building a path forward. 

  • EXPERT in object-oriented programming (PHP, Python, Java, .NET, or other) 

  • EXPERT in Advanced Javascript languages (NodeJS, React, Angular, Vue, or other)



  • EXPERT in asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX

  • EXPERT in FE build tools and CSS preprocessors (Gulp, Webpack, SASS, LESS, etc)

  • EXPERT in headless CMS infrastructure / architecture

  • EXPERT in ramping up to new tech stacks, existing infrastructure

  • EXPERT at working with version control workflows (Git, SVN, etc).

  • EXPERT at setting up servers (Linux, Windows, or other) 

  • EXPERT at working with highly complex and/or interrelated data, writing large data migrations, and mapping established data into new database structures. 

  • EXPERT in breaking down large features into manageable tasks

  • EXPERT in finding multiple solutions to complex ideas and problems to fit different budget and priority needs.

  • EXPERT in building UMLs and defining DB schema

  • STRONG COMMUNICATOR - With clients and team members to achieve a shared understanding. You don’t have to know all the answers - you just have to be able to find them.

  • CAPABLE ARCHITECT - You have a focus on performance, can manage large amounts of complex data with ease, and consider scalability and security as your primary focus when architecting solutions. You have a strong knowledge of server infrastructure and are comfortable working with different tools and systems to monitor and improve performance, security, stability, and error-handling / error logging. 

  • PROFICIENT in server-side rendering, server optimization, continuous integration, caching, horizontal scaling, and general performance. 

  • PROFICIENT in accessibility standards

  • PROFICIENT in security standards and practices as well as scalable security solutions.

  • PROFICIENT in SEO/ SEM standards and practices

  • PROFICIENT in error logging, error handling, writing tests, and quality assurance

  • PROFICIENT in building and maintaining client relationships

  • PROFICIENT in tasking teams with work

  • PROFICIENT in leading discovery teams with direction from Operations and Technology.

  • COMPETENT in JavaScript unit testing frameworks (Jasmine, Karma, etc.)

You support these internal positions... 

  • MANAGING DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY by being a key resource for unblocking product teams, verifying architecture proposals for developers on projects,  solving complex or high-risk issues that arise on any product phase, leading discovery initiatives for new product efforts, and doing the groundwork required for measuring and improving key metrics across the company under the Technology department including but not limited to: Average product carryover, % Feature Regressions,  Code Review Metrics, Code Quality Score, Internally Billed hours for Credits and Corrections. Work will frequently be delegated to you by the MDT which may or may not include work that is done in a silo or solo mission.

  • MANAGING DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS  by contributing in performance evaluations of peers, highlighting areas for process improvement in our quality and standards, and supporting Operations metrics by effectively managing/tracking time, honoring feature commitments, and supporting educational efforts. You will take on tasks to break down work as directed based on feature needs. You’ll offer alternate solutions and help define business value of tasks under direction of MDO.

  • PMPOs - acting as Advisor on projects as requested to provide clear paths forward, alleviate blockers, and offer flexibility in solutions proposed. You will help PMPOs prioritize testing and scalable architecture decisions -- including helping them reduce necessary scope while minimizing tech debt.

  • PRODUCT TEAMS by serving in the position assigned for a given project. As a Senior Dev, you are a key contributor on the product that follows standards just as you would expect others to follow. As an Advisor, you will actively check in on peers to ensure we are building products that meet our internally established standards of excellence which may include architecture discussions, pair programming, taking over complex features, giving guidance about decisions, and other duties as assigned.

Responsibilities for You in this role include...

  • Managing requests as assigned by the PMPO. This includes bugs, new work, troubleshooting, software updates, refactoring code, identifying and resolving bottlenecks, and more.

  • Managing expectations as needed to maintain positive client relationships and quality delivery.

  • Participating in estimation of work as needed by the sales or product teams.

  • Leading or supporting architecture proposals, making architectural decisions, and offering guidance about refactoring code to improve general structure for performance, stability, and security. 

  • Supporting technical discovery initiatives for prospective, new, and existing clients including but not limited to existing code analysis, architecture proposals, infrastructure recommendations, troubleshooting bugs and bottlenecks, meeting code sprint commitments, refactoring existing code, offering dynamic solutions to feature requests, and estimating effort. 

  • Consistently completing work on your own or with the help of a larger product team as determined by the needs of the product and the effort afforded by budget or timeline. 

  • Leading and supporting team learning efforts through exercises, dev meetings, leadership training, mentorship, pair programming, and other initiatives as assigned or identified. 

  • Participating actively in all parts of our product delivery process including Scrum ceremonies and other internal meetings and discussions.

  • Maintaining a billability of at least 80% unless otherwise communicated with Operations for a given month. This requires there to be billable work for you, but it is your responsibility to make yourself actively available. Bonuses and salaries are based largely on billability within your control.

  • Performing all the expected job duties in the role assigned to you for a given project. These roles may include Architect, Developer, Advisor, Release Manager, or other roles.

  • Managing large amounts of data, optimizing data queries, and leveraging high proficiency in the ability to get into the details to solve seemingly impossible problems. 

  • Other tasks and responsibilities as requested and assigned.

We do have a few requirements...

  • Experience building APIs

  • Experience building medium to large scale software applications. 

  • Experience juggling priorities and projects successfully. 

  • Proven success ramping up on new technologies quickly and efficiently. 

  • Proven success with complex data management across medium to large scale applications.

  • Proven and consistent reliability meeting requirements including budget estimates, specified and reasonably assumed acceptance criteria, as well sprint commitments and final deadlines. 

  • Proven success setting up server infrastructure on large products that need to scale vertically and horizontally. 

  • Push up your branch each day with all the work you’ve completed, regardless of the state that it is in.

  • Participate in active, thorough code review following the code review checklist in Github and in the Caxy Team Drive. 

  • Availability to work onsite at the Caxy offices during our regular business hours.

  • Ability to work within a team environment as well as independently as needed.

We’re on a mission to improve the digital world...

For over 20 years, we’ve been the firepower that clients trust to revolutionize their markets. We’re open-source specialists and firm believers in an iterative approach to software development (#AgileLife). We are a team of talented developers who work in cross-functional teams with seasoned Product Managers, UX architects, and digital designers. We believe in the importance of our company culture and value the contributions and unique perspectives of each team member. 

We are inspired thinkers and dreamers committed to delivering value with every interaction and output. We combine thoughtful user experience, effective communication, engaging design, quality execution, and strong coffee…  to create products that our clients and their end-users love. We’re on a mission to create digital experiences that tie brand experiences together, and we hope you’ll join us.  

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