You may be perfect for this role if you have...

  • Strong planning and organizational skills - the ability to balance competing demands and focus on multiple, varied topics at a time.

  • Excellent oral and written communications skills - the ability to interact with the team and clients.

  • Strong experience and proven success managing product delivery in all stages and with broad requirements from MVP startups to large scale applications. 
  • Certifications in Agile (not required, but it's a nice bonus)


Our Product Managers exhibit these key competences:

  • EXPERT COMMUNICATOR - with clients and team members to achieve a shared understanding. You don’t have to know all the answers - you just have to be able to find them.

  • EXPERT PRIORITIZER - We're an agency, and things move fast. You will be responsible for 1-5 projects at a time, and it's important to understand team priorities as well as your own. 

  • HIGHLY PROFICIENT PROJECT MANAGER - Though we use Scrum and are big Agile junkies, there are many tools and skills of more traditional project management that help support a project's success. Being able to understand how to use the broad resources of project management differently for each project is a key value for success. 
  • PROFICIENT IN BILLING / RESOURCING - If there is one value of a PMPO, it's understanding where the money is, where the project is, and what the team is doing vs. what they should be doing to achieve the ultimate goal. A successful PMPO can get that information from scrum ceremonies and project management tools; with that information, they can then diagnose the health of a project and propose options for achieving success. 

  • PROFICIENT IN TECH - You don't have to be a developer, but you do have to be able to communicate effectively with them. A PMPO should be able to support or lead exercises to help the client determine the key features of their product (site, app, etc.). They should then take those features, turn them into actionable stories to be fleshed out with the help of the team. 


Responsibilities for our PMPOs include...

  • Work with clients to define vision and scope of the project and effectively communicate the vision to the creative and development teams.

  • Be the primary resource for questions about the details of the projects through interaction with internal resources, customers and stakeholders to understand business processes and requirements.

  • Proactively manage and prioritize a backlog according to business value, complexity, and expectations.

  • Develop features into users stories that are granular enough for a sprint, convey the goals and vision of each sprint.

  • Collaborate with the development team to define, design, accept and adapt features; Ensure each iteration delivers expected result.

  • Collaborate with Scrum Master to ensure that Agile rituals and practices are followed.

  • Coordinate communication between development team and stakeholders regarding goals, requirements and business needs.

  • Manage project plans, timescales and budgets.

  • Managing expectations as needed to maintain positive client relationships and quality delivery.

  • Estimating work with the team and delivering work within that budget and/or getting additional approval as needed.

  • Preparing/distributing internal and client-driven project progress reports, invoices for work, documentation, proposals and presentation materials.

  • Other tasks and responsibilities as requested.


We do have a few requirements...

  • Experience juggling priorities and projects in small environments (maybe even wearing a couple extra hats)

  • Availability to work onsite at the Caxy offices during our regular business hours.

  • Ability to work within a team environment as well as independently as needed.


We’re on a mission to improve the digital world...

We’re on a mission to improve the digital world...

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been the firepower that clients trust to revolutionize their markets. We’re open-source specialists and firm believers in an iterative approach to software development (#AgileLife). We are a team of talented developers who work in cross-functional teams with seasoned Product Managers, UX architects, and digital designers. We believe in the importance of our company culture and value the contributions and unique perspectives of each team member.

We are inspired thinkers and dreamers committed to delivering value with every interaction and output. We combine thoughtful user experience, effective communication, engaging design, quality execution, and strong coffee…  to create products that our clients and their end-users love. We’re on a mission to create digital experiences that tie brand experiences together, and we hope you’ll join us.   

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