Educating Traders with a Personalized Touch

CLIENT:quiet foundation
PROJECT:Online Personal Portfolio Analysis Tool
The quiet foundation, under the tastytrade umbrella of offerings, provides an online tool for traders to check their portfolio health. Users sign up online, and the quiet foundation generates a portfolio assessment, complete with access to strategy for better portfolio performance.
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Trading Smarter through Personalized Tools and Education

Caxy's partnership with the quiet foundation team was created to find a new way to engage customers not already using the trading tools on the tastytrade platform. The idea was to build a tool that would allow prospective customers to evaluate their portfolios from any online brokerage and get a set of ideas to consider to help them perform better.

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Getting the Most Out of the Data

The tool starts with a standard account creation process which gives users the ability to come back and check the results of their portfolio analysis. In addition to the usual sign-up steps, the tool asks if the customer wants to either manually input their holdings or allow the site to log in and get the portfolio data automatically.

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Technical Details

Caxy chose React for the front end and Node as the back end. Node was especially useful in creating real-time web sockets to manage real-time stock and trade data in the application. A key feature for this platform is its integration with Quovo, a financial account analytics tool, which can assess any trading brokerage account, pull holdings, and generate reports based on risk.

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Taking the Sting Out of Managing a Calendar

Once a new customer signs up for portfolio analysis, if the customer wants to meet with a member of the Trading Desk team, a Saleforce integration provides an automated process for coordinating a meeting between the user and a quiet foundation analyst.

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The final Result

A goal for most new products is to give a company the ability to scale without having to rely on more and more people. This tool allows the quiet foundation to effortlessly bring in a stream of new customers without the headaches of scheduling and initial analysis.

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