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CLIENT:Wind Creek Hospitality
PROJECT:Online Gaming Portal and Application
Wind Creek Hospitality teamed up with Caxy Interactive to increase overall performance of their online gaming system. The work resulted in an 18x speed improvement and new features for online gaming.
Wind Creek Desktop

Helping a Fast-Growing Business Website Keep Up

Wind Creek Hospitality had a good problem - the brand and online gaming community was growing so quickly, the current site could not handle the increase in volume. Wind Creek partnered with Caxy to redesign the online experience and update the UX and performance to give gamers a reason to stay, play and have fun.

Wind Creek Game Dashboard

Giving Users More of What They Want

Working within the existing infrastructure, Caxy built a more modern and engaging enterprise-level site by moving interactions to places that users were more likely to notice. The colors and layout were updated to be more in line with best-of-breed sites offering similar games.

Wind Creek Desktop

Removing UX Speed Bumps

The discovery process revealed a series of opportunities for improving UX, including streamlining the registration process and login steps, allowing users to get to gameplay faster and with fewer obstacles.

Wind Creek Online Dashboard

Technical Details

Development included an interactive front-end rebuild, API development, and back-end development to manage player data, special offers, track user behavior and create reports based on the data collected.

Wind Creek Online

Better Performance Translates to Better Engagement and Revenue

The work completed drastically improved site speeds. Through optimizing the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, optimizing the databases and working on microservices in Scala, the site achieved an 18x performance boost. This meant that 18x more customers could be online with a quick, responsive gaming experience than before.

Wind Creek Tablet