Caxy believes in open source software. Below is a list of some of our current releases:


  • php-htmldiff is available from Packagist. A library for comparing two HTML files/snippets and highlighting the differences using simple HTML. Over 650,000 downloads and growing!
  • php-forecast-api-client allows interactions with the undocumented forecast resource planning API. Available on Github.
  • EasySonataAdmin is a starter kit for those looking to work with the Symfony Sonata Admin. Available on GitHub.
  • symfony-starter-kit is a starter kit to get Symfony up and running. Available on Github


  • Pagination Page Titles is available from as a module. This module addresses an SEO issue involving duplicate titles created by Drupal on pages that are derived from pagination. For example /blog?page=1, /blog?page=2 both have the same page title and gets flagged by Google, SEM Rush, etc.
  • Ichabod is a starter kit for headless Drupal development. Available on our Github.
  • braintree-module is a module to interact with the Braintree e-commerce system. Available on Github.
  • drupal-project is a Drupal starter kit to get up and running with a robust Drupal install. Available on Github.
  • drupal_bootstrap_starter is a SASS Bootstrap themed starter kit for Drupal 8. Available on Github.
  • ichabod_caxy is a starter kit for those looking to create a headless Drupal project. Available on GitHub.
  • drupal8-restapi-content-post.php is a script to add content to Drupal using the REST API. Available on Github.


  • socket-io-starter-kit is a starter kit for working with the API. Available on Github.
  • mysql-backup-script is a shell script that can be used to make daily or weekly backups of a mysql database system with multiple databases. Available on Github.

Find more on Caxy's Github and Packagist.