Face-to-face has changed - possibly forever

Most companies are playing catch-up to make changes to how they interact with customers. At the very least, customers will need more support for work done online and be better able to reach support or customer service. They will have more time to spend with a company online and will be looking for additional tools and content that may not exist yet. 

A time to differentiate

For companies with a long-term view, now is the time to take steps to differentiate themselves in the market and fill the needs of customers in these changing times.

Valuable gains can be made with customers in a number of different areas:

  • Are customers frustrated with how complicated your product is to use?
  • Are customers confused by the options in the market?
  • Will customers who are afraid of new financial products have a place to learn? 
  • Are there new or different kinds of customers emerging as a result of the move to more remote work? 
  • Are there current customers whose circumstance have changed whom you can serve differently and better right now?
  • Are you concerned about any of your products' ability to scale?

By answering some of these questions, it will be possible to serve current customers better and to grow with new customers by moving to where the need is.

Supporting your internal team with better tools

Changing times also bring changes to how you work. You are going to have a number of different objectives right now. 

  • Are you concerned that changes in your business may require you to do more with fewer people?
  • Are you worried that you need different kinds of expertise than the kinds that made you successful pre-COVID?
  • Are you wasting time with inefficient manual processes that will price you out of the market?

Take a proactive step

Has COVID made problems you already knew about worse? Has it created new, unexpected problems? Tell us what is different for you right now