At Caxy, we've spent over two decades serving all kinds of customers from our Chicago offices. Here, we'd like to highlight our specialized higher-ed web design and development work. A few examples of our clients include the University of Alabama, Northwestern University, the University of Illinois and the University of Miami. Our solutions have improved work processes, fundraising and, of course, student recruitment.

Higher-Ed Web Development and Design Projects

The best way to describe our higher-ed web design and development services is to offer some examples of successful projects we've completed.


Northwestern University Arts Circle

Our work with Northwestern University serves as a good example of our higher-ed web development work. The university came to us because it had over 20 calendars for various departments and services that needed to be integrated into one site that everybody could use.

We had to create a usable central site. Before we could take this project live, we also had to help various stakeholders integrate their calendars with the new system. These were in various formats and contained different kinds of content.

As a solution, we chose the Drupal CMS because it's reliable and already comes with modules and core features that could help us work efficiently. While we didn't have to write new code for each feature, we have worked with and maintained a relationship with the Drupal community for years and employ certified Drupal developers. Because of this, we knew which modules to use and could spend more time creating a great and unique user experience.


Other Higher-Ed Web Design Projects

These are a few other recent web design projects we have completed for major universities:

  • Cornell: Cornell called upon us to modernize and revolutionize the online platform that allows students to apply for financial aid and calculate their costs. Since many people base their decision on which school to attend by their ability to obtain financial aid, this project can help attract students and improve workflows for the financial aid staff.
  • Tulane: Tulane came to us for a different type of project. It wanted a video wall in the admissions department to help provide information and attract attention in a contemporary way. Basically, a video wall consists of sets of monitors that can display separate videos and graphics or work together to form larger images.


How We Provide Higher-Ed Web Design and Development Services

At Caxy, we rely on a tested Agile design and development process. Our methods allow us to work quickly and involve our clients in the entire process. Besides innovative projects such as video walls, we offer a variety of website and mobile development solutions.

Most important, we understand your goals as a college or university. We suggest technology that helps you attract students, raise funds and work efficiently. Come to us with your ideas or problems with existing web development. We will offer solutions that are easy to use, get found on search engines, and comply with your requirements.

Some examples of our solutions for colleges, universities and trade schools include:

  • App development: We have experience with hybrid, progressive, web and mobile apps.
  • Marketing: Solutions include business intelligence, AI, machine learning, analytics and more.
  • Responsive designs: Our solutions can run on any operating system and device, and we're proud of our award-winning UX and UI design teams.
  • SEO-friendly: We always design websites with SEO in mind and will add analytics, so you can keep track of your visits. Read about our specific services for higher-ed web development and design here.


Work With Caxy on Higher-Ed Web Design and Development

Caxy works to support your goals in the most efficient way possible. That's why we use the Agile development process, stable frameworks and content management systems to help us work smarter. If you have a great idea or need to solve a problem, contact us right away to tell us about your school.