At Caxy Interactive in Chicago, we love partnering with startups to deliver on the promise of great ideas. Our Agile development process, seasoned developers, reliable tools and love for innovation help us exceed our client's expectations in every way. A few examples of the successful startups that we've already delivered for include Uptake, Broadcat and GreenPSF. We've been providing web development for startups, small businesses and enterprises for over 20 years, and we're eager to hear about your great ideas.


App and Web Design Services for Startups

We provide startup development services for various industries. These include education, finance, manufacturing, nonprofits and more. Within those companies, we have also developed apps and websites for marketing, human resources, data analysis and countless other departments. In many cases, startups rely on us both for technical and business experience within their industry and department. For an introduction to our services for web and app development for startups, consider a few examples:


Broadcat helps its clients reduce risks through ethics and compliance training. It understood that many of its clients had similar needs. As its inventory of custom content grew, so did its store of repetitive materials. Broadcat knew it could save money and offer a better service for customers if it had a way to re-use this content.

We developed a searchable library of editable materials with a custom application we developed in Symfony PHP and Angular JS. This library came with its own admin panel for adding new users, adding files, indexing tags with files and more.

The project resulted in an additional service for the company that improved its client workflow. At the same time, it relieved Broadcat of hours spent creating in-house content. Since custom content could be re-used, it also helped maximize the revenue that Broadcat enjoyed from each piece of content it created.


As a startup in 2010, GreenPSF pioneered competitive bidding for various kinds of green energy projects. It focuses on energy-efficient retrofits for existing buildings. GreenPSF came to us because it needed a better way to gain insight and manage the energy-conservation activities hosted by its partners. To accomplish this goal, we used Symfony PHP to rewrite one existing application and to build a new one.

As a result, GreenPSF could save time while having greater insight to and engagement with partner activities. The new system saves GreenPSF over 30 hours of work a week and helps the startup better meet contractual obligations.


Web Developers for Startups

If you can imagine any type of app or web development for startups, we probably have experience. These are some highlights of the services provided by our experienced developers and designers:

  • Apps: Our work can include progressive, mobile, web and hybrid app development projects.
  • Business intelligence: Our business intelligence services include machine learning, AI and analytics.
  • UI and UX: Our award-winning designers apply the same Agile and user-focused development process to UI and UX design that we use on the back end.
  • SEO: We can help our clients improve their reach through SEO, SEM, site analytics and more.


Why Work With Caxy?

If you're looking for a specific type of development work, visit our web design and development services page to learn more. Some of our clients approach us with an idea or problem, and they have no idea which technical solution to use. We are always eager to help analyze the situation and offer suggestions that have worked well for similar clients. In other cases, clients know exactly what they want or even have a current project or system that has problems. We will step in and help with that as well.

Our experience with development and connections within the development community help our clients succeed. Our startup clients also appreciate our rapid development process and focus on user-centered experience.

If you're seeking app and web developers for startups, contact us today!