Creating software products can be daunting and complex. 

Many companies are shifting towards agile software development in order to release software faster and adjust for changing conditions. Caxy can help you identify barriers to your agile practice or teach you our proven process through workshops, 1-to-1 consulting, and custom engagements.

Agile Workshops

Working with your team to identify your own personal risks and barriers, we will develop and facilitate an Agile Workshop that is completely customized to your needs. Workshops utilize our proven discovery and delivery process:  first discovering with you the current problems you face and then identifying with you the possible solutions that will impact your business.  Facilitation techniques, innovation games, and prioritization strategies are taught in our workshops.  Each exercise not only gives you the artifacts you need to implement change, the exercise itself teaches you Agile techniques that you can use immediately. Workshops are available in ½ day, full day, and 2-day sessions.

Custom Engagements

Have a big internal project or product you're trying to develop and needed to launch yesterday? Consider Caxy for rapid prototyping, feature mapping, roadmap planning, backlog prioritization and many other agile-focused techniques to get your project off the ground and into the market!

Agile 1:1 Consulting

Not all problems can be solved in a 1- or 2-day workshop - sometimes you need something more personal. For these instances, we also offer 1:1 coaching to help you identify and implement solutions for your business.

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Implementing Agile methods can increase visibility, adaptability, and business value for you while decreasing risk. If your company is ready to make the change to Agile and looking for help along the way, we're happy to help. 

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