Our Chicago app development agency, Caxy Interactive, has delighted clients since 1999. Because we work to deliver solutions for a variety of business needs, we can provide app development services for all kinds of users, operating systems and platforms. If you don't know what kind of application your business needs, we will work with you in the discovery phase to answer that question, too.


Popular Types of App Development Projects

We design and build high-performance applications that will delight users. While we create many marketing apps to help engage customers and enhance brands, we also construct business apps for in-house tasks. Some examples of internal applications include projects for data analysis, human resources, sales, accounting, communication and more.

Our customers commonly rely on our expertise for the following kinds of application development projects:

  • Native Apps: Native apps usually describe mobile apps that run on iOS, Android and other common operating systems. Users can download native apps from the appropriate app repository.
  • Progressive Web AppsProgressive web apps combine the engagement and features of an app and a modern internet browser. Users can choose to access them with a website URL, so they also help broaden reach.
  • Hybrid Apps: Your users may have a variety of devices. In the past, app developers had to code distinct versions of apps for iOS, Android, Windows and other operating systems. Hybrid application development helps us deliver more value by only developing one basic set of coding instructions for multiple platforms.
  • JavaScript Apps: Our experienced JavaScript application developers will create responsive web applications or enhance the features of current ones with JavaScript applications developed with Angular. These robust web applications can perform as well or better than desktop apps.
  • Big Data, High-Performance and Business Insight Apps: We can customize predictive data analysis apps to make sure that you understand the information you collect. In addition, we can create high-performance applications to handle large volumes of traffic, big data, complex calculations or interfaces to other applications.


Application Development Project Phases

We typically begin our development process with discovery and design. That way, we can learn more about future users, collaborate on design issues, and create mockups to provide a visual representation for our clients. As a long-time member of the Agile community, we employ the Agile development process to deliver better applications at a faster pace than our competitors.

If you already have any or all of these deliverables, one of our app development teams can step in at the development, testing or maintenance phases of your project, as well. Our wide variety of services lets us deliver exactly what our customers want and need. We can develop new, high-performance apps quickly — or, we can help you improve current applications.


How to Get the Best Value

Some of our clients approach us with very specific requirements for their projects. Many others understand the business goals they want to achieve, but they don't know which type of application development project will offer them the best solution. Of course, we hear from customers who have heard stories about the ways apps have helped other companies but don't really know where to start for their own business. Regardless of where you are in this process, we are committed to helping you you get the best value possible. Contact us, and we can help you determine where in the application development process is best to start for your needs. 

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