Believe it or not, data and analytics are important. 

Without the correct implementation and adjustments, your site could be compared to a billboard on a deserted island. It might be pretty, but no one knows it's there. 

As a part of our web development process, Caxy uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize websites so that the content and pages show up more prominently in search engines.

We also create information architecture that allows users to find what they’re looking for more quickly. SEO is also used to help companies understand how their site is found by prospective and current customers, and we share our analytics to give insight on what types of information these customers are trying to ascertain while on a client’s site. 


SEO is just as important as great design and development. 

At Caxy, our data and analytics act as direct customer feedback to improve sites and applications, and thus create more personalized customer engagement. After launching a website, we continue to develop SEO, SEM, and run analytics so that our web experts can comb through data streams to identify patterns. Caxy’s diagnostics of these patterns and the tweaking of SEO and SEM create applications and websites that shape a personalized, human experience. A site’s SEO, SEM, and analytics are just as important as the website’s design and development.

Our analytics tell a story. At Caxy, we synthesize the SEO and SEM data stream left by customers, A/B testing, and heat mapping to analyze the story they tell so we can understand the user experience and then create a better one. These analytics are our springboard to generate ideas of how to better serve clients by creating new applications, adjusting internal architecture, or optimizing servers for peak performances under high stress loads.

We can help you improve your SEO 

If you are in need of support when it comes to improving your website's overall SEO, call on our SEO experts. We will work with you to analyze your current site, identify areas for improve, and build a plan for implementing changes. We're also happy to help train you on best practices and strategy for continued improvement. 

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