Drupal Development

We heart Drupal. 

Caxy is successful with Drupal because it is stable, highly customizable, and supported by a massive ecosystem of modules, developers, user-groups, conferences, and passionate users. Caxy joined the Drupal community several years ago. Our firm has used this versatile platform in web development for an array of sites. Caxy’s developers have found that Drupal meets demanding needs of sophisticated web development with such features as custom content types, content taxonomies, and complex user, group, role and permission schemes.

It’s the why-reinvent-the-wheel (err, the code) mentality.

Drupal's extensive core features and massive pool of modules allow Caxy's web developers efficiently customize and maintain sites without coding features from scratch. This allows us to only focus on coding what is truly unique and new.

Why Drupal is a great choice for so many companies and websites. 

With its growing popularity, we’re finding more companies are seeking to build or migrate to Drupal based websites. This is largely due to its renowned community, which consists of over 1,000,000 users and developers continuously updating its modules, applications, and overall platform. It’s a community that Caxy is proud to be a part of, as we invest into it through training, development, and client work. And we like to think our charm, too. 

Acquia-certified Drupal developers

Go with professional Drupal developers who know what they are doing. Drupal is beautiful when done well and a disaster when it's not. Caxy can create custom search and other features within your Drupal sites using technologies like Elasticsearch or Solr search. We have the Drupal skills and designers for the job.