Why are we using Google Cloud and GCE?

There are a lot of cloud players in the market, and each has its strengths. We are big fans of Google Cloud in large part because of the way it's organized and the ease of working between its different cloud services.

Google Kubernetes

Many of our projects need to operate at scale. Google created Kubernetes as an open-source tools that others are catching on to now. Working in the Google Cloud and using Kubernetes to deploy your application allows you to scale automatically to demand and scale back down. This maximizes performance and minimizes cost. 

At Caxy, we know how to engineer applications to take advantage of Google Kubernetes. Many of our clients have demand that can spike and fall in often unexpected ways. Kubernetes allows us to set triggers for when systems can scale up and down to keep up with demand. 

Developing with containers like this also makes it more cost effective for us to manage our workflow and makes deployments safe and quick.

Great for companies with customers in different regions

As companies grow, they typically expand their geographic footprint. By combining Kubernetes deployments and Google's ability to easily deploy across zones, helps us solve the problem of getting quick, responsive data to end customers in different regions from the same application. 

A way to get started with AI and Machine Learning

Everyone knows that companies are sitting on goldmines of data, but not all have figured out how to take advantage of it. Google's suite of cloud tools includes AutoML, Big Query and many other ways to get started with AI in a way that can be quick and cost-effective. 

Is Google Cloud right for you?

If you're an existing Google customer or interested in finding out if your goals are a fit for Google Cloud, set up a call with us to find out.

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