Frameworks for JavaScript Applications

Our JavaScript development firm in Chicago has successfully delivered apps to clients for almost two decades and is an active part of the JavaScript community. Working with JavaScript allows us to create new, highly responsive and mobile-friendly applications or to improve front-end functionality of existing backend systems.

Developers and clients may choose different JavaScript frameworks because of project requirements or experiences. The two JavaScript frameworks that we commonly use are ReactJS and NodeJS.

Here is a brief explanation of ReactJS and NodeJS:

  • Developers consider React a stable tool that is well-suited for many interactive applications and may work best for communication with certain back-end systems.

  • Built on top of the Chrome engine, Node  works well for developing real-time apps with push functionality and for deploying JavaScript in server-side applications.

At Caxy Interactive, we typically rely on React for the front end in modern application development, coupled with Node on the back end of an application. Pairing these frameworks together helps us deliver enterprise-quality quality applications and gives our clients a secure, fast, and flexible way to interact with the data within their apps. 

Further, we see a huge demand for React and Node both on the developer side and the client side. That means we're in a place where it's a little easier to find the best talent, and we are using a framework that is heavily used in industry. 

Examples of Caxy Interactive JavaScript Apps

After years of completing successful JavaScript app development projects for clients, we cannot possibly list them all. To give you an idea of what we can do, consider the highlights of the JavaScript apps we have developed recently:

  • A social media and transaction interface for a large video gaming community

  • A complex content management tool with a voting application on top of a REST API back end

  • A front-end interface to use an enterprise-scale hardware management and deployment tool on top of an existing back end

  • An online tool for traders to generate a portfolio health assessment.


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