Predictive Data and Big Data Applications

We are sherpas for Data Applications.

Work with Caxy to find out what your data is telling you. "Big data" isn't just a buzz word. We build custom applications that are easy to use, and deliver insight to your business through machine learning and data analytics. Uncover the hidden secrets your data is trying to tell you. Our iterative process will put insights which users can act on in their hands quickly and provide ample opportunities to tweak and discover.

Let's look into the future, shall we?

With companies clamoring for results, big data applications can help organizations put insights together with predictive data modeling to come up with new ideas, understand markets, understand customer activity.

Our Tools Help Us Find Insights.

Predictive data tools will allow companies to use applications Caxy creates to continue to search for an find insights as data accumulates and the competitive landscape changes.

We enjoy using AngularJS, Python and Symfony for data applications at Caxy because they offer methods for us to create rich browser-based applications with a highly scalable JavaScript frontend framework and robust backend suitable for enterprise-level capabilities.

Predictive Data and Big Data Applications at Caxy 

Our teams at Caxy have built a variety of these applications including:

  • a social media interface and transaction system for the video gaming community
  • a complex content management tool and voting application with a REST API backend
  • a front-end interface for a large-scale hardware deployment and management tool with an existing backend
  • a mobile-friendly application to interact with a Django application and REST API Learn today how to bring your company’s data into the fold as a competitive advantage.