At Caxy Interactive, we want to introduce your business to the benefits of progressive web applications (PWA). As a progressive web app company located in Chicago, we will deliver a PWA to your business that combines the benefits of an app and a website, giving you more value. Below, learn why even Google states that progressive web apps offer businesses a new way to provide their users with an amazing experience.


Understanding Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

While mobile and computer apps have grown increasingly popular, some users still prefer visiting a website, particularly to perform certain tasks. Internet progressive web apps offer users an experience that has features of both mobile apps and traditional websites.

A PWA can take advantage of the strongest capabilities of modern internet browsers and app environments. Also, PWA users can access progressive web apps how they prefer - either an app or a website. This helps businesses offer more choices and extend their reach.

How Progressive Web Apps Will Benefit Your Business

Consider some of the benefits that a PWA can deliver that might convince you to change your mind about app development:

1. Reduce or eliminate reliance on app stores.

Popular app stores impose rules that may limit valuable features. Also, you narrow your audience by mostly attracting people who are already searching on the app store for a particular device — instead of being accessible to potential users who might search in traditional search engines and prefer a web link. 

Typically, app stores don't even provide search-friendly links, so they won't help you get found outside of their narrow ecosystem. With progressive web apps, you can provide users with a website address and choose to have versions of your PWA in app stores.

2. Encourage engagement and multiple visits.

App-like features, such as push notifications, have helped some companies quadruple their engagement metrics. Businesses also typically see increases in conversions as a result of better engagement. For instance, many customers research products with different devices than they use to make their final purchases. Some customers might compare products on their mobile phone while they commute and then return to their home or office computer to make a purchase. A PWA enables a seamless and reliable user experience on all platforms.

3. Improve speed and reliability.

Any business with online experience knows how impatient its internet and mobile visitors can be. Even minor frustrations or delays can encourage them to back out and find another company. Progressive web applications don't need to transfer as much information as native apps, so they work faster and more reliably with all sorts of network conditions. At the same time, they can provide the robust security and user experience of an app, but with even more features.


Are Progressive Web Apps Right for Your Business?

At Caxy Interactive, we believe that progressive applications will grow more common in the near future. At this point, the environment has not fully matured. That's why we don't suggest a PWA for every business or application. Current obstacles to total reliance on this kind of hybrid between mobile applications and websites include a few limits on supported hardware and internet browsers.

Some organizations prefer making their apps available on the largest repositories. We can also create versions of progressive web applications that our customers can upload to Google Play, the Apple Store and more.


Learn More About Developing a Custom PWA for Your Business

Caxy Interactive offers full-service web application development to our customers. While we think progressive web apps will continue to gain popularity, we want to offer our clients the development services that provide them with the most value every time. We would enjoy hearing about your unique business, so we can suggest the perfect solution - whether that is a PWA or a more traditional application. 

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