An Agency Approach to UI and UX Design

While offering a great user experience depends a lot on the user interface, these two words don't refer to the same thing. The user interface (UI) describes the design choices made to create the visual part of a website or app with which your users interact. The UI might include navigation, buttons, menus, content displays and other features. In contrast, user experience (UX) refers to the overall satisfaction that an app user or site visitor enjoys.

We deliver a great UX design by focusing on UI design and usability, performance, utility, ergonomics, accessibility, and marketing requirements. Our customers find our products visually appealing, usable and designed to support business goals.

We Create and Improve Website and App Designs

We work with you to create great designs that can please users and convert customers. However, we don't start with design. Instead, we deliver projects in a series of steps that make certain we satisfy every client. We adhere to industry best practices for lean UX design, which means we can quickly deliver top-quality designs that will exceed your expectations. We also invite customer involvement in our process, so you can be certain that the finished product looks and works just like you want.

The Basics of Lean UX Design

At Caxy Interactive, we use lean user experience design (lean UX). Lean UX lets us deliver exceptional work faster and with more customer involvement. During most of our design process, we place less emphasis on a completed product and more focus on the UX we will create. 

At each stage, we work with clients to consider how people will interact with the finished product. The stages in our lean UX design process include creating mood boards, developing a content strategy, making a user interface design kit, building a wireframe design and graphic design.

The Caxy Interactive Lean Design Process Includes:

Mood Boards:

We use these tools to make certain that our final designs will capture the look and feel our clients want.

Content Strategy: 

We consider client feedback, market research and user personas to define a content strategy. This way, we can define required content and prioritize it for various groups of users. Finally, we describe the user experience with numerous pieces of content.


Wireframing tools — such as site maps, content hierarchy flows and wireframes — help us create rapid prototypes. This gives clients a visual mockup of our design and lets us quickly make modifications after we collect client feedback.

UI Kit Design:

We consider the appearance, user interactions and overall experience together to create the user interface.

Graphic Design:

Many so-called UI and UX design companies start with graphics. We save them until last because you can't rely on luck to meet user expectations. First, our designers and clients have to agree on the look and feel of the interface.


At Caxy Interactive, We Deliver Great User Experiences

When you work with our UX and UI design professionals, the only thing better than your customer experience will be the user experience we can deliver to your users, like the 18x performance boost we gave Wind Creek Hospitality's gaming application. Let us design or re-design your user interface to enhance your brand and keep customers engaged. 

Make sure that your customers enjoy interacting with your business website or app. Contact us at our Chicago UI and UX design office by phone or email to learn how we will keep people engaged with your online platform.

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