For Caxy, it's all about process. Our design process starts with a unifying vision usually communicated through a mood board. This step allows us to establish and agree upon high-level design concepts such as color, tone, imagery, and invoice. We then move to design tiles which are created in small chunks to represent pieces of the end interface such as the way buttons, form fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, borders, and other elements of the project look. These are the bits and pieces that make up an interface for a website or web application.

Our process then moves into user interface prototyping where we organize the way websites and web applications work in low-res, creating clickable prototypes to optimize the flow for users of an interface.

Once we have these pieces, we can move on to visual or graphic design where colors, images, and other elements that bring the interface to life can be added. This is the opposite of how many agencies work, but we think this is the only way to get an interface that users will understand and use.

In the end, our highest compliments have been from end-users who say the site just makes sense, or got them where they needed to go. We consider this the greatest value we provide to our clients.

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