Are you a technology superhero stuck operating as your alter ego because leadership sees you as the person responsible for email and infrastructure instead of as a superpowered strategic partner? If you're:

  • constantly trying to get leadership's attention so you can show them just how much potential technology has to transform the company and supercharge its success,
  • getting a blank stare when you ask for the Cap/Ex you need to implement the systems you know would increase productivity or generate more profit, or
  • struggling to build a tech team that works together toward a common goal instead of on their own agendas . . .

This book can help! Available on Amazon.

Superpowered book cover


Michael LaVista is founder and CEO of Caxy Interactive, a Chicago-based software development firm that works with fintech, manufacturing, healthcare, HR tech, higher education, nonprofit, and startup companies to create outcome-based software.

Over the past 20 years, Michael has acted as strategic advisor to dozens of CIO, CTOs, and CEOs on the development, evolution, and repair of mission-and business-critical software and so understands those roles as well as the problems and challenges they face.

In addition to running Caxy, Michael is also a musician who plays guitar in a local band. He resides in a northern suburb of Chicago with his wife, Angela, two children, Rocco and Blaise, and their dog, Oliver.