Remove friction from your customer interactions.

Unlock your potential with custom software solutions, our expert process analysis, and comprehensive team training. Lead your team forward.

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Your current systems won’t allow you to step out of the day-to-day.

Submerged in spreadsheets and workarounds, those seemingly quick fixes have now become inconsistencies and data problems. Your growing pains force dependence on outdated systems, causing your slow down as new team members struggle to keep up.

You've already tried to:

String together a bunch of software integrations thinking it was cheaper. It wasn't.

Pay an employee to manage your systems for you. They couldn't.

Hire a software developer hoping they'd provide the critical thinking you truly need. They didn't.

Run lean, efficient operations as you expand.

Whether you’re striving to reach enterprise scale or you’re already there — we got you. Stop guessing and execute your digital strategy with the right software to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Expert Process Analysis

You’ll work one-on-one with our business manager to inventory your systems and process.

Custom Software

Create the digital tools that fuel the company you have always wanted to run.

Comprehensive Team Training

Get your whole team on board and easily add new team members with our training materials.

Every strategic initiative your business has runs through software... or should.

We work with a range of industries, including manufacturing, distributors, construction, private equity, trading, gaming casinos, and start-ups. That's a diverse group. For companies that don't really do technology as a core competency, we help best by becoming a turnkey technology strategy, and product design and development team. For those with tech teams who just need to go faster, or to take on a product that is being neglected, we can do that, too.


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Asked Questions

  • Will you tell me if I need to start over?
  • What if it's worse than I thought?
  • What if we're still implementing our ERP/other software?
  • How many of our own resources will you need to work with?
  • Will this pull focus away from other projects?
  • What if we've already tried 3 other companies?
  • What if we're in the middle of another big project already?
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“They often go above and beyond to fully dig into a problem, identify solutions, and achieve our end goals.”

Peter Anderson

CTO, Wind Creek Casinos

I would love to save you a decade.

Like you I am a business person who found this journey to be much tougher than I initially anticipated.

Having my digital home in order would have made it a lot easier. A well-organized digital infrastructure right from the start, that ... that would have made a world of difference for me.

If I had someone to assist me early on, I could have grown at a much faster pace.

Running a business can be a lonely and challenging road, I want to extend a helping hand to ensure that you don't have to face these struggles alone. Let me help you avoid the pitfalls and setbacks that cost me a decade.

Together we can pave a smoother path for your growth.

Mike LaVista


Don’t put this off another day.

You keep working on the immediate and urgent to put out fires, and your strategic initiatives have to constantly take a back seat. You’re here, now. Don’t put this initiative off and let another year pass by where nothing has changed.

Lead your company forward.