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We code

Code is our medium. We’ve mastered the dark arts and we are ready to share our magic.

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Ideas aren’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Each member of our team brings their own mental superpower, but we have a strict no tights policy.

We care

In a world built with 1s and 0s, we call you by name. Caxy Interactive is unlocking the power of relationships with the magic of technology.

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We stand by our products and ideas because we believe in our partnerships. We offer a hands-on support plan for anything we build.

About Caxy Code Creative

About Caxy Code Creative

We are a Chicago web consulting, custom web development, open-source specialists. Our interactive expertise in user experience design, content strategy, e-commerce, mobile application development, database development and custom web applications.

Code + Creative

We live where code meets creative. When these worlds collide user experience, branding, and content strategy are formed into a powerful message delivery system. We create in multi-media environments from video to print.

How we see it

Technology drives everything we do, empowering us to deliver true digital age solutions. We pride ourselves on producing and what the digital world demands. We are insightful thinkers and inspired dreamers.

How we live it

We believe that user experience and branding have merged. We are committed to providing value to our clients by unlocking idea potential by using new insight, user centered design, and strategic branding.

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We love making new connections with good people who want to partner with us to create great work. We want your web development or mobile development projects. Say hi, we’re friendly.

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Caxy Code Creative is proudly based in Chicago
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We are a team of passionate and unique developers and designers based in downtown Chicago. Great work isn’t created in a vacuum; we are an Agile team looking for new allies.

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