We build products that matter with people that matter to us.

At Caxy, we come together to become better coders, better problem solvers, and better people.

Ultimately we are less focused on the specific tech we use and more curious about the problems we solve. Different technologies might be best for different problems, and we can only be as scalable and future-proof as the people that are architecting our databases, APIs, and microservices. If that sounds like you and you are excited about opportunities to dive into some cutting-edge tech, then you might just be perfect for this role.


We don’t know her.

We work hard; our project stakes are high, the tech we use is cutting edge, and the problems we solve are complex. You’ll grow faster here in all sorts of ways that will propel your career forward. That also means you’ll need to rest.

We believe that breaks are productive, that vacation time is meant to be used, and that generally 40 hours a week is plenty. Recharging is required for retaining info and bringing your best. Impossible deadlines are impossible whether you commit to them or not, so we skip that and opt for reasonable deadlines, open communication, and a heavy reliance on iteration.

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Culture at Caxy

Our culture - it’s giving... active inclusion, grace, and space to be you. Because you’re enough.... And maybe we have an arguable unhealthy affection for gifs and custom emojis

We support growth informally through peer learning, project stretch skills, exposure to new technology, and a broad range of business verticals. We support growth formally through professional development plans, pair learning partners, semi-annual reviews, weekly or monthly check-ins toward goals, and opportunities to take classes and go to conferences as appropriate.

As a growing organization, there is a lot of breadth and depth of learning; broad across industries, deep in mastering the skills of the role. We have senior positions, opportunities for leadership, and opportunities for new roles to be created as they make sense for the business. We're alway looking to promote from within first. In all these significant ways and a million minor ways, it's impossible not to walk out of here more well-rounded, more confident, more knowledgeable, and more ready for whatever comes your way in life.

Is caxy a good fit for you? 

We're building a team that addresses the issues software teams face at other companies and fixes them

Lots of people have not worked on a project they love this year. Many have to say no to a concert or game night with friends some time this year. Many are working on the same old stuff day after day, month after month. Many of you are the only one on their teams doing any real work right now.
Many have had their manager over-promise and stress them out with unrealistic goals.

As people who have wanted to be a developer since they were 10, we get you.

Our developers work on an average of 2 groundbreaking projects a year. We consistently work 40 hours, Monday to Friday. We build mostly new products using the latest technology. Our seniors and juniors work hand in hand to make sure everyone is contributing weekly.

Do you remember your raspberry pi account login? We do.

We do process like nobody's business to make sure you're protected.

TOP 100 Companies

Caxy is honored to be named one of the best places to work by BuiltIn

Built In determines the winners of Best Places to Work based on an algorithm, using company data about compensation and benefits. To reflect the benefits candidates are searching for more frequently on Built In, the program also weighs criteria like remote and flexible work opportunities, programs for DEI and other people-first cultural offerings.

We’re at our best when we’re focused on the idea of getting 1% better somewhere, anywhere, everyday. When we do that, we give ourselves permission to show up differently and give the space for others to do the same. That keeps things exciting, keeps us engaged, and keeps us all connected.

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Hannah Deason


Our 3 Pillars of Leadership

Initiatives That Encourage Innovation

In 2019, Hannah developed the "3 Pillars of Leadership" at Caxy; it has served as a critical lens for our hiring process, training process, leadership expectations, etc. These pillars challenge us at all levels to recognize the essential needs and rights humans have; and we understand that with these things -- we can bring the right people together to solve the biggest problems.

Employee Worth

Employees must feel like they matter to their team, to their leaders, and to their organization. An organization that does not make employees feel valuable will not have those employees for very long.

Employee Empowerment

It’s important to the growth of an employee and their organization that they have leaders and processes to set them up to autonomously make reasonable decisions.

Employee Accountability

People need structure and clear expectations of being able to succeed. Consequences and rewards for outcomes should be clear and regularly communicated.

When we satisfy these needs, we give people the stability and the foundation to create, to imagine, and to solve without worry. These pillars help vet that we bring in folks that are ready to grow, and it helps make sure that we are able to remove the barriers of growth that stifle so many great ideas.

Because we’re doing something different at caxy

Our Team Commits to

Be a Top-Notch Fox-Hole Companion.

Not just when it’s easy. Not just when you like them. Not just because you need them to meet the deadline… but because they are people and as a result, they deserve to be seen, cared for, challenged, and celebrated. On the days you can’t do work for you — do it for the person that always has your back, for the one that is going to be put in a tough spot tomorrow when work isn’t done. This doesn’t just go for Caxy team — this is for our clients, to. Be the support they didn’t know they needed. Be the confidant they didn’t know they could have.

Speak (and Listen) Fearlessly

We are adults. We can handle it. We don’t have time to sugarcoat when something is terrible and we don’t want to downplay when something is off-the-charts-awesome. When we walk into Caxy (virtually or in person), we are living through a lens of good intentions. We are speaking freely from a place of supporting the end goal and we are listening the same way.

Own a Positive Outcome.

On any team, there are people that have final decision-making authority. That does not mean they are the only ones that make decisions and own them. In fact, most decisions happen outside of those moments. How you follow through, how you do your work, how you accept feedback, whether or not you speak up when something is going awry or could be made better. Here, you agree to call out issues, to actively commit, and to own your part where things could have been or should have been different.

Seize Opportunities to Grow.

We can learn just about anything with the right amount of time, but more than that — we learn just about anything really freaking fast. We welcome feedback. We make new mistakes. We aim to be 1% better than yesterday… and then do it again and again until we look back and can’t recognize who we were… and then we do it some more.

Find a way forward.

Lots and lots of people can find ways to get stuck. Very few can find ways forward — not because they aren’t capable, but because they conform this idea that you have to know everything to move forward. We don’t work that way. If clients know all the answers, we’re probably too expensive. Our value is in our curiosity, our ability to fill in the gaps, and our strength in charting new territories — led only by a vague goal at the end. We know that ambiguity means freedom to decide. We know that when things are unclear, the value in offering the vision builds partnership and long-term success. Ambiguity is a sign that the work we’re doing matters to real people. That’s our kind of work and we live for it.

And some things we just assume you have. We call them table stakes.

You have to be interested in technology.

You have to be an honest person.

You have to be considerate of others.

You have to be smart enough to do the work.

You have an exceptional track record of keeping commitments.

You have good judgment. You can be trusted to make decisions that are in the best interest of the business, even if that means detouring from standard process.

Understand your connection to Caxy the business. This all works and we all get paid only when we deliver value. Value includes what it does, how well it works, when it was delivered, whether it was the right thing in the first place.

Ready to join our squad?