Caleb Gardner & Mike LaVista discuss growth mindset and how the only constant is change

January 11, 2023

Caleb Gardner is the CEO and Founder of a consulting group, 18 Coffees. He is also the author of a new book, "No Point B". The book touches base on a lot of the work Caleb has been doing in his career, over the last 10 years, including political organizing with President Obama and having run part of his digital infrastructure in the 2nd administration. In this podcast Caleb and Mike discuss many different topics related to things like the importance of building a more connected work culture in this new and ever-changing hybrid world. They also blend their ideas together regarding growth mindset, fixed mindset and the effectiveness of employee engagement and constant communication. This podcast is a great one to start the new year with; "If you believe you can change, anything is possible".

Michael LaVista is the CEO and Founder of Caxy Interactive, a custom software development company in Chicago. Caxy helps companies double in half the time they could on their own by creating custom software. He is also a guitar player, singer and songwriter.

His new book, Superpowered: 7 Leadership Superpowers Technology Executives Can Use to Grow a More Engaged, Tech-driven and Profitable Organization, is available on Amazon: