Stephen Kohler

Stephen Kohler is the Founder and CEO of Audira Labs LLC, a boutique leadership development firm offering one-on-one coaching and team development, but with a bit of a twist, by using music as a lens. Stephen is also a lifelong musician who started playing the trumpet and later discovered electric guitar. He is now also a singer and songwriter, even featuring a newly released album. In this podcast, Stephen and Mike discuss all the skills & traits used in both music and business and how Audira is helping business leaders become more present in this incredibly "noisy" world. Michael LaVista is the CEO and Founder of Caxy Interactive, a custom software development company in Chicago. Caxy helps companies double in half the time they could on their own by creating custom software. He is also a guitar player, singer and songwriter. His new book, Superpowered: 7 Leadership Superpowers Technology Executives Can Use to Grow a More Engaged, Tech-driven and Profitable Organization, is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Superpowered-E... https://www.caxy.com

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