Ted Novak & Mike discuss how music teaches future business leaders teamwork, hard work and dedication.

July 25, 2022

Ted Novak is the CEO and Managing Partner of Clique Studios, a digital transformation business helping organizations going through a change or looking for inspiration to help them grow. Here we discuss Ted’s love of music and how he’s even learned to make his own instruments! He also explains how teamwork, hard work and dedication go hand in hand in both business and music playing. In this video Ted shows us his custom and handmade bass guitar which he made from a tree that had to be removed from his parent’s yard.

Michael LaVista is the CEO and Founder of Caxy Interactive, a custom software development company in Chicago. Caxy helps companies double in half the time they could on their own by creating custom software. He is also a guitar player, singer and songwriter.

His new book, Superpowered: 7 Leadership Superpowers Technology Executives Can Use to Grow a More Engaged, Tech-driven and Profitable Organization, is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Superpowered-Essential-Leadership-Technology-Executives/dp/1735504904