Supporting Financial Management and Wellness

CLIENT:Best Money Moves
PROJECT:Best Money Moves Financial Wellness Platform and App
The Best Money Moves App offers enterprise businesses the ability to empower their employees to improve their financial wellness and create a more productive work environment in the process.
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Getting Started in HR Tech

Multiple studies have shown that having financial stress can lower your IQ roughly 13 points, or about one standard deviation. Imagine how much stress the population of a large company carries with it as the student loan crisis looms and many are behind on car and mortgage payments.

Best Money Moves is an HR Tech startup that aims to make companies more effective by helping their employees with their financial stress through educational content and digital tools.

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Breaking New Ground in Human Resources

Caxy worked with the Best Money Moves team to create a real-time employer dashboard where employees can see the progress they are making to reduce financial stress in their lives. Caxy integrated live money coaching resources into the app to supplement what corporate human resources already offer their employees.

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Unique Tools

The site features a first-of-its-kind Stressometer® to gauge an employee's stress on a range of factors. The system's machine learning can recommend and promote content to employees based on what they are stressed about and topics they search most often.

Other built-in user resources include budget-making tools, savings tools and banking integrations that can monitor progress toward financial goals.

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Technical Details

Caxy chose AngularJS for the front end and Symfony PHP for the app’s back end. Symfony acts as a REST API to the data layer, allowing the creation of a lightweight AngularJS JavaScript application on the front end. This allows for use of the API by customers and creates a quick, responsive front-end experience for users.

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Upon launching the platform, Best Money Moves immediately signed up 12 companies, and 100s of customers signed up for the program within those companies. They were a 2017 finalist for the “Next Great HR Tech Company” and won a co-op competition to partner with 37 million credit unions. Best Money Moves is also Shortlister verified as a top financial wellness company.  

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